Understanding psychology in language learning



人: Stephen Ryan







In this lecture, I aim to show how psychology represents a highly practical resource for language teachers. Practicing language teachers may regard psychology as something overly theoretical and removed from the everyday realities of the classroom. However, good teachers already understand psychology. A knowledge of psychology is a key factor in the classroom decisions they make, such as which activities to use, or when to step in and when to step back as a teacher. But this understanding is often at an intuitive level. I will demonstrate how a more systematic knowledge of concepts from educational psychology—such as motivation, identity, and group formation—enables teachers to better understand both their own teaching and the potential within their learners.



Stephen Ryan,英国诺丁汉大学博士,日本早稻田大学文化、媒体与社会学院(School of Culture, Media and Society)和文字、艺术与科学研究院(Graduate School of Letters, Arts and Sciences)双聘教授,博士研究生导师,国际语言学习心理学会(The International Association for the Psychology of Language Learning)首任主席,现任常务理事。《国际语言学习心理学会会刊》(IAPLL Journal)副主编。他在二语学习自我研究、外语教师心理研究方面发表论文10余篇。

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